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Tawny Ports are blended red wines (from various vintages and varying degrees of maturation), aged in cask for some years before being bottled. Traditionally a basic blended port that is aged for several years longer than ruby, so that its colour drops out and the flavour goes almost drily nutty with oxidation. Their aromas are reminiscent of dried fruits. Some tawny port is now made by simply adding a little white port to a base of paler red wines to lighten the colour. 

There are also tawny wines with indication of age, also known as aged tawny (10, 20, 30 or 40 years). The age mentioned on the label is the average age of the wine inside the bottle and suggests some notes regarding taste and aroma depending on the period of ageing. Aged Tawny's are invariably true tawny ports, aged for many years in cask. The difference from basic tawny is that the label will state the average age of the wines that have gone into the blend, calculated in multiples of ten. 

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